Could the schedule change at some point?

I mean, is there a possibility that they will add something else on these days? I was just wondering why there are not Russian practice and I was hoping that maybe they will add one on the next days.

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I’d love to see some other practice lessons, too, like French and Arabic. But I think it all depends wether they find teachers willing to hold the lessons :slight_smile:

The italki Teacher Led Language Practice Rooms are all voluntary led by teachers. If you have an italki Teacher that wants to lead a room, it’s great exposure.

It doesn’t have to just be language practice rooms… it can be anything actually. Just fill out the below form (which is in the FAQ section):

[Dynamic Programme Entry Request Form] (

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Thanks Jim Leu, was a very accurate answer to what I wanted to know! Хорошего день)

Yes… Richard will update the schedule dynamically everyday.

I actually got one of my regular Vietnamese Teachers on italki to lead a room.