Contribute to Clozemaster (and Tatoeba)!

Hello all! My name’s Mike, I work with Clozemaster. Clozemaster is a game where you fill in the missing word for hundreds and even thousands of sentences in your target language. It’s meant to help you bridge the gap from completing something like Duolingo to taking on native level content. It uses Tatoeba as the primary source of sentences and translations, and currently supports over 60 languages.

Some of the less common languages, however, don’t yet have many sentences, and that’s where we’re hoping to get your help. What better place to look for speakers of languages like Ladino and Cornish than the Polyglot Conference?

We’ve put together editable spreadsheets with 1000 English sentences, linked below. Any and all translations are very much appreciated - we can help get them added to Tatoeba, or you can do so yourself if you prefer (we’ve included links in the sheet, and please indicate if you’ve added a translation there or simply copy/paste it into the sheet). From there we’ll get Ladino, Nahuatl, and Swahili added to Clozemaster as well as get the additional sentences and translations added for the other languages.

We’ve also created a discount code for 50% off Clozemaster Pro from now through Sunday, exclusively for conference participants, POLTYGLOTCONF2021.

Let us know of course if you have any questions or there’s anything we can do to help, and thanks for any contributions to these languages!




Scottish Gaelic



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Hi @mike-at-clozemaster! I use Clozemaster for Irish, but have noted quite a few errors in some of the sentences contributed. I’ve tried to make suggestions for corrections as I find/notice them, but that’s probably my biggest concern, that folks are contributing content with errors. That said, I love the product.

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Hi @Sadelle! Thanks for letting me know and thanks for suggesting corrections! The plan is to continue using the proceeds from Clozemaster Pro to keep expanding our team of language consultants and moderators. We’ve started with the most popular languages, but the hope here is that by leaning on the Polyglot Conference community we might be able to bolster and get some of these less popular languages added sooner. The sentences in the sheets above are relatively simple, and we’re trusting the community to only add translations they’re confident about.

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