Celebrate by learning a language

During 2020 and 2021 I have been on a number of language courses for languages I would not have normally got to study in a group, or indeed had access to many materials to learn much at all.

One of the languages I got to explore recently was Kristang - a an endangered Portuguese-Malay creole that is spoken in Malaysia and Singapore. The course was through a group called Kodrah Kristang and we covered Level 1A over a 10-week period.

Now the course has ended and we are waiting for the next level. In the meantime we are offering YOU the chance to study what we’ve learnt with us in study groups. After we have completed the study groups and covered the materials, you will be eligible to skip the first level and join us on the second level of Kristang.

If you are interested in Kristang, or if you would like to do somthing similar with another language, please reach out through these comments.

The Kristang Study Group sign up page is LIVE now on Google Forms!