Can you help me? A friend is a non-motivated French learner

Hi everyone, I have a very dear friend who just moved to France and is going to embark on her journey to learn French. She’s not our typical language enthusiast, but she does have made up her mind this time with French.
Since I am a great believer in PODCAST myself - the good ones - to learn languages, can I ask if you know of any good PODCASTS or YOUTUBE channels for an absolute beginner who will go to school, but hopefully get these podcast / youtube input going while she attends her French classes?

Will appreciate your recommendations so much!



I’m not learning French myself, but I do know of a YouTube channel called Easy French.
I use their videos for Spanish, and I think they’re great for learning about culture as well as picking up vocab from natives.

I wish your friend luck with her French learning journey!


Coffee break French is a podcast that should be pretty great for somebody starting from scratch. Just start with the first episode and work your way through them.


Oh, yeah, you remind me of the EASY series. It’s not a bad one for a beginner to get used to some key cultural topics and pick up simple things in natural conversations. Thanks!


Hey there… I saw someone suggested Coffee Break French series… That’s a formidable podcasting series your friend shouldn’t miss out on :hugs: I trust Coffee Break Materials :+1:


Alice Ayel’s YouTube channel.


Apart from the ones already mentioned, I also follow those french youtube channels:

Hope it can hep you! :slight_smile:

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Bonjour Jas,
Another one in addition to the excellent choices above:
Podcast Français Facile
There’s a YouTube channel but also a website with dialogues, transcripts, mp3 etc.
For beginners, one can follow a sequence they suggest as a course. It’s very well done.

Hey… Are you learning Spanish?

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May I know how can I access the podcast. I am rather new to podcast.
Many thanks.

C’est ici

Entièrement gratuit et très complet