Buenas tardes de Lima, Perú

Hi, my name is Jenny Garcia, from Lima, Peru, this is my first polyglot conference, it has been a really nice experience, hope to see you in the moon cafe.


Hi Jenny, this is my first Polyglot Conference, too, and I’m so happy it is taking place online this year, because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to attend!

Which languages do you speak/are you interested in??

Bienvenida Jenny! Te mando muchos muchos saludos desde Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I am interested in learning Japanese or Russian, no idea where to start with those. So far i know Portuguese, French, Italian, English and Spanish.

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If you want to start by yourself I can recommend the app “Babbel” for Russian. It is available for native Spanish speakers as well.
If you’d like to study with a tutor, have a look at italki - there are lots of good tutors for any language combination :slight_smile:

I also know English (C2), French (B1-B2) and some Spanish (A2-B1). Apart from those, my mother tongue is German and currently I’m studying Arabic.
Some day, I’d love to learn Thai, Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Greek and some other languages :joy:, but those three are at the top of the list right now.