Buenas noches from Lima, Perú

Hello ! My name is Valeria, I’m 23 years old and a language enthusiast. Ever since I was small I’ve had this sort of attraction towards different cultures, people and languages. I was born in Lima, a city in Peru. My native language is Spanish, and while I wasn’t necessarily raised bilingual, I do feel comfortable with English (but there is always room for improvement of course :sweat_smile:), I’ve been absorbing it like a sponge since I was little from movies, series, internet, and mostly music. Later on, I became interested in French, mom and dad would sometimes put records in French or speak to each other using the language (for whenever they had to say something that wasn’t meant for us children to listen). I attended l’Alliançe Française from 2014 to 2016. I did reach the C1 level formally, however I feel like I’m actually intermediate or so.
Those are the two languages, besides Spanish, I dare say I have knowledge of. I will be studying Translation next year and hopefully I will be able to go abroad as an exchange student! Yay!
One of my main goals in life is to identify myself as a polyglot. That is, to become a polyglot.
Let’s see what the future holds !
This is my first time at the P. Conference, nice to meet you all.


Hi Valeria, I live in Lima too! I’m from the Netherlands, but I’ve been living here for the past 4 years :).


Hello, Marjolein ! Nice to meet you. I hope your stay here has been until this day a good one :blush:.
I used to have mixed feelings about my city lol, but somehow I’m growing fonder of it, learning about it and discovering what I used to ignore. It can be quite beautiful sometimes, seen through another lenses. Not only Lima, but Peru overall. There is more to Peru than Lima, that is something to keep in mind.
May I ask how come you decided to travel to Peru? If I’m not being too nosy

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