Bosanski / Crnagorski / Hrvatski / Srpski

Iz Irana sam i učio sam jezik već tri ili četiri godine. Ali vrlo mi je vežbati jezik ovde. Nikad govoriš srpski ili hrvatski ovde ili barem ja nemam prijatelji koji govore jezil. Ali ja jednostavno volim da govorim jezik.

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Baš divno! Raduje me da čujem da ti se dopada. Nadam se da će drugi biti slobodni danas, voljela bih da se nađemo kako bismo vježbali.

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We have a meeting scheduled for tomorrow. Make sure to check under “Programme” for your local time.

Hi Johanna, sorry I’ve missed that one, I had an emergency to attend to. Shall we schedule one together you and I for today and invite the rest?

Nema problema, nadam se da je sve uredu s tobom.
Yes, definitely let me know what time works for you. The only thing is that requests need to be made at least 24 hours before the event.

I’m also hosting another BCS chat outside of the Conference 13 hours from now, at 12:30 noon NY/US EDT.

The Zoom meeting number is 996 0334 4296

And of course everyone else is welcome too!

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Sve dobro, nadam se i kod tebe? :blush:

In that case, let’s schedule one for tomorrow? Of course, everyone is encouraged to join.

Would tomorrow, Sunday, 6 pm London time work (1 pm NY time) work for you and the rest?

I have an introduction to Esperanto that starts at 1 pm NY time today, but I’ll join the zoom session you have for half and hour at least.

Hi Miguel and the rest. I’ve booked us space for 3 pm London time for Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian talk today at Earth Slavic exchange room. Hope to see you there.

Tomorrow option is still on.

Hi Johanna, we’ve just finished a Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian session and it was really great. Let us know if tomorrow, Sunday, 6 pm London time work (1 pm NY time) works for you and I’ll request a new one.

zdravo! I would like to join


I would like to take a moment and thank all of you who have joined yesterday and today for our chat in Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian. I felt immensely privileged to have met all of you, and I was so humbled by your language skills. Thank you all once again, and let’s use the Slavic room in the future as well as it will be open all year long.

My best regards,


Hi everyone!

If anyone is interested in the region’s movies, there will be a film festival that is usually hosted in New York, but is also online. The film festival starts today, and you can but movies to watch for a short time, or buy festival passes. As well as the films, there are Q&As and conversations with filmmakers. The info is on the official website for the “Bosnian-Herzegovinian Film Festival”

I’d like to invite you all to our BCS Zoom meeting happening exactly 12 hours from now, at 12:30noon New York time. All levels welcome!

Zoom Meeting ID: 996 0334 4296
No password necessary.

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