BHASHA Glasgow Language Festival 2021

On February 21st, the BHASHA Glasgow Language Festival community will be celebrating International Mother Language Day.

I am very excited to have been offered the opportunity to be a speaker at the annual Glasgow Language Festival 2021.

Join me virtually to talk more about how translation helped shape our world, in “Our World Saved in Translation,” on Friday the 26th, at 8-9am EST.

To sign up, please, visit:


Cool, just signed up. I’m intrigued by your connection to Glasgow (if indeed there is one!), it’s great that they’re doing something like this up there.


Thank you so much for signing up! It means a lot :slight_smile:


I’m so sorry I missed this, I would have loved to sign up for some of the session on the program!

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It was a wonderful festival! Lots of interesting workshops and amazing people :smiley: