Beginner Chinese (and other languages) sessions

I saw some people having trouble with Chinese practice, as their level was a lot lower than the conversations that were going on.
I haven’t tried them, either, as I’m a complete beginner in Mandarin.

This is probably also the case for other languages, so it might be an idea to host beginner sessions? I know those currently running state all levels are welcome, but it’s still a challenge for many people to start speaking when intermediate and advanced learners are present.


I am very interested in adding beginner practice sessions for a couple of languages. Last year, we had some Spanish sessions that were marked specifically for beginners and low intermediates, and these worked well and served as a great confidence booster. Have you submitted a request to add a beginner Chinese practice session to the Programme?


As an additional note, I’d love to assemble a beginners’ Quechua group (for all Quechuan varieties). Is anyone else interested?


I haven’t because I can’t commit to a weekly session currently, and I guess I would have to attend if I submitted it.


Okay, I’ll post it. What days and times (including time zone) are you most likely / most frequently going to be available? Also, anyone else who may be interested in Beginners’ Mandarin Chinese conversation practice, would you please also share your availability?

Yes, please! I’ve studied Quechua many years ago but forgot most due to lack of practice.

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@AlisonKarfeld Great, thank you! What’s your availability (with time zone)? I’ll try to figure out a date and time that works for both of us, as well as for anyone else who may mention an interest.