Are you serious about learning Náhuatl?

A lot of you were interested in learning Náhuatl after it was highlighted at last year’s Polyglot Conference. Studying until this year’s Polyglot Conference when you hope to go to Mexico and actually use the language in person helped create a concrete goal and provide motivation. A great combination!

Now I want to create a class that’s accessible to everyone, even if they can’t afford to pay.

Classes will be held on Discord. You use the text channel to chat - we can use that space to study together - and then get on Video calls for scheduled classes any time you want.

I found someone willing to teach, but first we need an idea of who’s really committed and how much everyone’s willing to contribute. So everyone send me a message and let me know 1) if you’re ready to commit - that means being there for the class and keeping up with what we learn and 2) how much you can pay or if you’d need to be sponsored.

We’ll start with 1hr/wk for the first month and then reevaluate if anything needs to be changed. The class is limited to max 15 participants. Concepts will be explained in Spanish, because the teacher doesn’t speak English.