Are presentations in Saturn room disappearing?

Hello! Enjoying what I’ve seen so far. Quick question organisers or other attendees may be able to help with. Are the presentations in the Saturn Room disappearing as new ones are added?

I keep scrolling down to watch ones that sounded interesting and I earmarked to watch but they’ve gone! :frowning:

Is this happening to everyone/supposed to happen?

Thank you!
Lindsay :slight_smile:

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I am noticing it as well. The older ones at the bottom disappeared when the new ones were added.

I was wondering about this already, too. I only really noticed it with one presentation yet, but now I will have to go and check them all again as I’m afraid some will have disappeared that I wanted to watch during the next couple of days…

Thanks Jinyoung & Rina. Glad it’s not just me!

Going to have to reprioritise the order I watch stuff in to try and catch it before it goes. Haha! :wink:

Unfortunately I can’t really start to watch all of them until tomorrow. Hope the ones I wanted to watch will still be available then! :sweat_smile:

It happened to mine. Richard fixed the problem. Contact him.

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Hello there! Thank you for raising this. I had thought it was only Claudia’s presentation until now because of an update change we had to make yesterday. It seems we need to look further into this to get it right though. I am sure we will get everything back up soon. Really appreciate you supporting the conference by raising these bugs with us to iron out. As you can all appreciate, it’s new territory organsing such a different event and we’re working flat out here to make it as enjoyable as possible for you all. If you have anything urgent that comes up, you can always reach us by email too. Sadly monitoring all the forum and social channels as often as we’d like with our current workload is a bit too much at the present time.


Is there some place to post non-urgent bugs, questions, etc.?
For example, in the Saturn Theatre, I don’t think the Language filter covers all of the languages of the presentations (German and Swedish, for example).
I would suggest an “Other” filter to get all of these other languages.
Low priority, of course.
An even lower priority suggestion would be a “negative” filter - for example to filter out presentations in Engilsh. :wink:


I am a first time user, so my question may sound stupid. As I do not want to remain stupid, I am going to ask the question: How do I get into the Saturn Theatre to view the presentations?

You need to get into the LIVE environment. Richard just posted this YouTube Video:

Problems getting to the Live Environment? Watch this!

Thank you, JimLeu. It is appreciated.