Arabic room - let's chat

مرحبا, let’s meet up in the Earth exchange room tomorrow, on Saturday, at 7 pm British time.
We can chat away in Arabic. Who’s in? :slight_smile:


I will try to join depends on my schedule :two_hearts:

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Standard Arabic or dialect?

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Either MSA or Lebanese/Syrian for me.

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Will be available for Arabic by 12pm EST. I believe that will coincide with your time.

Can’t wait to meet everyone!

Check out our non-English Arabic thread for all the other Arabic speakers. :wink:

Hi Zeina,
I did see that thread. My Arabic reading is rather slow, writing even slower, so I felt out of my depth there. I’m in the UK, so I think it is 5 hours difference between us. Your 12 pm is my 5 pm. I’m free then, too.
It’ll be great to chat in Arabic! :slight_smile:

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Oh perfect! We’ll meet then. Don’t worry about your Arabic. Mine needs improvement too!

Happy to get to you know better!


Hi everyone, thanks for today. It was great to chat. We said we’d meet tomorrow as well. So hopefully a group will gather again. I’ll be flexible tomorrow from around 2 pm London time. But evening, from around 5 pm suits me best.

Love to meet again! Please, when you guys get together, let me know by tagging me here. Or else I will not receive a notification.

Do you ( @Marzanna, @Alanood @Johanna ) know what time exactly you will meet?


I’ll wait and see what others say.

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Hi Zeina

Sunday is a working day here, so I am not sure when I will have the time to join but when you do please notify us here, if I was available then I’ catch up with you.

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Hi Alanood and all, I’d love to join you for a chat tomorrow. I am available pretty much all day. Would after 3pm BST (GMT+1) work for you?

@Alanood @Zeina-AR-DE-FR-EN


Works for me. Just please tag me here when you guys get together :slight_smile:

Hi everybody,

even though my spoken Arabic isn’t too good (and very slow) I’d love to try and join you next week if you should get together again? Unfortunately tomorrow won’t work for me :frowning:

I’m in Vienna, Austria (UTC +2).

I speak MSA and a bit of Levantine/Jordanian dialect, but I only started the latter a couple of weeks ago and still tend to switch to MSA :see_no_evil:

Ok, wish you all a great evening,


Hi everyone! Any time before 23:00 (Singapore time) works for me.

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@Rina @Marzanna @Mo_1 @Johanna @Amirul

Hey ladies and gents!

I will be available today in the Arabic chat room after 12 pm EST.

Would love to see all of you there! If you are planning to attend later, let us know what time you will be there.

not sure if I tagged the right name :blush: But I believe we met yesterday and you expressed an interest in MSA. You are welcome to join us!


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@Zeina-AR-DE-FR-EN مرحبا

Unfortunately I have no time today, but I’d love to join in during the week if y’all are still meeting then :slight_smile:

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Yes no worries! Let me know when you are free any time this week. We’ll definitely chat sometime soon!

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Unfortunately 12pm EST is 12am here and I have some work tomorrow, so I couldn’t make it for this session.

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Ok thanks for letting us know!