Anyone interested in a korean/english exchange? I should practice if you can~

Hi how are you? I need to practice my korean language. is anyone up for a chat and/or proper language exchange?

Hello Arwa! If you are interested in practicing Korean, you can join in the Saturday sessions at Earth Exchange 1. The sessions are held from 8pm and 9pm (GMT+8). These weekly sessions are scheduled to last beyond the official end of the Polyglot Conference :grinning:


hi thank you for replying and kind invite :). how are you? I’ll try to find the link. the timing is perfect for me. I know gmt is my side but it differs from country to country so i just wanna check.

Hello. I’m fine. Thanks for asking.

The link to the meeting can be accessed via the Live Environment>Earth Exchange>Earth Exchange 1.

I’m not too sure I understood your last sentence, but the timing that you see in the programme list is based on the timezone you set your computer/browser to. So yes it will differ from person to person. I live in GMT+8 so the timings I see are in GMT+8. Hope this clarified your quesitions! :grinning: