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Which language was difficult between mandarin, german, and france?

Having only studied German to any great level, I don’t have a good answer. I would hazard a guess that Mandarin would be the most difficult, especially from my native English speaking viewpoint.

Hi @Alimovic,

If you already have a C - level in Spanish then French might be rather easy for you to learn. But the pronounciation of French and Spanish is quite different.

German is a Germanic language which has 4 noun cases: NOM, GEN, DAT, ACC.

The main diffulty of Chinese is reading and writing the characters. Also many words sound the same, but have different meanings, as I heard of it.

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For me French was the most difficult due to many tenses. I prefer languages with less tenses :smiley:


Dann solltest du auf jeden Fall kein TĂĽrkisch lernen, wenn die nicht gerne viele Zeiten lernst.
Im Französischen ist das “passé simple” und der “subjontif” schwierig. Das “passé simple” benutzt man zum Sprechen nicht.

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For me, as a native English speaker, Mandarin has been by far the most difficult (tones, characters, lack of cognates, different logical structure to sentences), French the least difficult, German in between.


TĂĽrkisch habe ich eigentlich schon ein bisschen gelernt und in der Tat mag ich die Zeiten nicht. Der Subjonctif ist genau der Feind fĂĽr mich, weshalb ich nicht so gerne romanische Sprachen lerne :smiley: