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My name is German and Im from Mexico, Im 28 years old.

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Hello my name is Nicole, I am from Indonesia and I am 16 years old. Nice to meet you all :smile:

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Hello from the Washington DC area. I’m Anita and I’m the Founder of BhashaKids. My goal is to help grow multilingual and multicultural families in the South Asian diaspora. Looking forward to this conference.

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I am Rose. Native Spanish speaker trying to improve on Romance languages and testing the waters on other Language Families, which is very cold at the moment…

Anyone out there?

I am not sure how to get into this year forum discussions. All I can see is discussion from 2020 or earlier conferences even when I select ‘latest’

Hi! My name is Joshe from the Philippines. Nice to meet everyone!

Hi all! I am Katerina, digital nomad who loves to learn new languages :slight_smile: Not sure if this chat is still alive but nice to meet you everyone!

hi, i am Areeba from Pakistan. i have recently started learning italian i am still searching resources to help me on this journey i have started with Duolingo but that app is not enough. If anyone could help in this regard it wuld be appreciated

Hi, I’m Sibylle from Germany. I attended the Polyglot Gathering two years in a row and was reminded that I shouldn’t miss the Polyglot Conference again, so here I am!
I speak German, English, Japanese, and some Mandarin Chinese, and am currently learning Thai.

Hi all! I’m Marco, a mexican living in Japan. I’m native in Spanish, fluent in English, conversational in Japanese, about A2 in German, and just recently started to learn Filipino.
I consider learning languages a very important way of respecting diversity and other cultures. I think that the more we learn about other cultures, the more we will start finding the similarities instead of the differences.

Hello. My name is Suzana. I am 35 years old from Serbia. I live in Belgrade. I have two professions: I finished marketing and trade bach. degree + master’s degree - management and business. I am also an online language teacher and a hyperpolyglot. I work on ITALKI, VERBLING, PREPLY and on my own website which you can see on my profile.
I can speak 9 languages (4of them are the languages of ex Yugoslavia) on C2 level
2 on B2 level
1 on B1
4 on A2 level
and only one on A1 level (Chinese) - I’m in the process of learning it.

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Hi Areeba! Brava on learning Italian, one of the most gorgeous languages on earth! Something a few people from my local Italian conversation group have done is to find a native speaker who is able to be a conversation partner or teacher to you on some sort of video platform (i.e. Skype, FaceTime, etc.)