A Timetable Suggestion for next time

Just a bit of feedback for the UI designers…

Firstly, thanks so much for all your work in getting this event online. I wouldn’t have been able to make Mexico, so I feel so privileged that I have been able to participate from my very locked down home!

Thought it would be worth forwarding some thoughts and experiences through for thought in any future online events…

  1. Using an iPhone to access the Live interface - the “filters” menu does not appear, so the only option is to scroll through the entire list of events.

  2. Even on a PC, I would really have appreciated a table showing all the days and time slots in one screen with different types of events colour coded (and able to filter them would have been amazingly awesome :slight_smile: ). That way I could quickly scan the whole 10 days to see what would be repeated, and what on when on which days.

  3. The ability to change times into LOCAL time zones … oh my, that would have been mindblowingly awesome as well :smiley: