A Request by Richard Simcott

Hi everyone!

Due to the delay of emails from Eventbrite, I see that many users are yet to be able to access the Live Environment. And while some people are happy to help by posting the link to the Live Environment, Richard spoke in the Opening Ceremony that he does not wish to have the link to the Live Environment, nor the videos or rooms, in the forum, by his request. For those who missed the Opening Ceremony, it is now on Facebook in the Polyglot Conference videos area.

Instead, we ask those that haven’t registered to the Live Environment register for it with the Eventbrite link below.

Then, after receiving the confirmation email, a while after, you should receive the link to the Live Environment, then you can create a profile for the section, and then click the avatar on the top right corner when your profile information is ready, and you should then see the “universe”. :slight_smile:

We are sorry for the problems with the email delays and we hope that it will be resolved soon.

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