2021 PCG Updates

I might not always be able to update information in this thread, but I’ll try my best.

  • The panel discussion on October 19th with Stave Kaufmann and Olly Richards will now feature Emmanuel Ternon, instead of Olly. Emmanuel is a French polyglot with a big interest in East Asian languages, so much that he put together a unique dictionary using 4 languages: Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese. This will be a treat for you guys!

  • The presentation “The Effects of COVID-19 on Language Learning” by Suzana Andjelkovic is listed as a separate presentation in the Mars Room 2. She will present that topic as part of LangFest’s Topic Rooms in the Venus Room on Friday, October 21st. The correct presentation that will take place in Mars Room 2 at that time, will be a presentation by Etai Nahary on “Connecting Through and Playing With Language”.

  • The weekly Italian meeting will now be on Thursday (and every Thursday after the Conference) at 1000 London time. For tomorrow’s meeting, it will be in Earth Exchange 1, and after the Conference, in the Venus Room


Made some edits, including the new time and day for the weekly Italian meetings.

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I have a question about the recordings. How can I go back and listen to the recordings. The program seems to show only future events

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They’re uploaded on Saturn room. I’ve watched a few recordings yesterday


Thank you very much for the info :slight_smile: I will go and have a look and am looking forward to participating in more live events today as well…


Did the Introduction to Maori take place (and was it recorded)? It said it was supposed to be in Earth Exchange 5, which I believe doesn’t exist.

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@DJWaaleyBabu Hi, it did take place in Earth Exchange 5, but was not recorded. However, you can contact Alec (@Redvers), who hosted the session, who is normally more than happy to give you more information.

Thanks very much Ron, yeah I just noticed that there’s an Earth Exchange 5 now, I wonder where it appeared from (it wasn’t there before)!

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I wanted to participate but it seems the room is (was? don’t know about right now) locked. They were asking for an email address to see if I was invited. I guess something needs to get changed in the settings for that room.

Hi guys,

If you missed the session, I’ll be in Earth Exchange 2 in about 20 minutes (half past the hour). If people fancy turning up, I’m happy to do a make-up session for people who got stuck outside of Earth 5. :smiley:

venus says that the meeting ID is faulty