Hello! Привет! Salut! 안녕! I am so glad to be part of this amazing community!

Nice to meet you Gloria! I remember we chatted a few times in the rooms.


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Way to go Gloria! Happy to have talked to you, it is nice seeing you already so passionate about learning many languages at your age. I totally get the fear of messing up because I’m also like that, especially when it comes to speaking. But I’m sure you will greatly improve since you have started so early :slight_smile:


안녕하세요 Gloria!!
저도 한국어를 배우고 있어요^^
It’s my first time here as well. Everyone seems so kind!



Yes, everyone here is really wonderful and I am so glad that you have joined us! I have only been learning Korean for a little while and wouldn’t say I am any good. Do you have any tips or resources?

I am interested in possibly traveling to Korea at some point to teach English. What has that experience been like for you? I am also a Russian speaker but I am unfortunately very weak in my reading and writing skills. Hopefully, we can meet in the live environment soon! Take care :wink:

I would have loved to! Too bad that I missed it this time around…

It’s been 10 years for me since I started learning Korean. I even got level 6 of TOPIK, but there are still a lot of things to learn. As for the tips or resources, I think you already know all the good tips, but I’d recommend to start reading from the beginning. So you can learn a lot of new words that are being used in real life not just in the study books and you can learn more about a korean way of thinking and making sentences, because it’s quite different (I guess you know it already :grin:) And last but not the least, watching korean movies or dramas can help improve your listening ability and pronunciation as well!

Oh, that’s awesome!! I hope you can come here and teach! There are a lot of places to teach English, so I think it’d be easier for you to find a place to stay. Because it was quite hard for me to find a place where kids learn Russian :sweat_smile: it’s not common in Korea.

Take care too :cherry_blossom:

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